I Feel The Sun

Down a long, long corridor
I keep walking…

—A window straight ahead so bright it hurts the eyes,
reflective walls on both sides.
Sunlight, me,
I stand with the sunlight.

—The sunlight is so intense!
So warm people stop in their tracks,
so bright people hold their breath.
All the light in the universe collects here.

—I don’t know that anything else exists.
There is only me, leaning on the sunlight,
stopping for ten seconds.
Ten seconds can be as long
as a quarter century!

At last, I rush down the stairs,
pull open the door,
dash about in the spring sunlight…

create I feel the sun | Wang Xiaoni 

camera_alt Nuttawut Jaroenchai
A young monk in Myanmar’s ancient city of Bagan has found a quiet spot to read. The archway behind him offers shade and neatly frames a nearby pagoda, thousands of which dot the Bagan landscape.

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